About the Competition-

The Debate Competition is not only about Competition itself, but an extended activity that includes, familiarization with issues of ethics, law and politics, developing the ability of analyses and synthesize data and information to form arguments and take position, familiarizing self with exposure to audience, compete and take action in the local community proposing for a better world.

Topic- "Influence of executive on judiciary in contemporary times"


Note: Video/Audio recording should be either for or against the issue.

Language: English/Hindi


Who Can Participate- Anyone pursuing undergraduate or post-graduate courses from recognized university or college.


Registration Details:-

A Nominal Fees of Rs. 120/-

Early Bid Price: Rs. 99/- (till 10th December)

After the payment all participants need to upload screenshots of the same on Google form given below while registration.

Payment Method:-

PayTM Number: 8851264387

Google Pay: legisscriptor@okicici

Phone Pay: 8851264387@ybl

OR pay through UPI

      UPI ID:8851264387@paytm


How to Register:-

Participants have to pay via above mentioned payment method and then register themselves through registration link given below.

Important Dates-

Deadline to register: 19th December, 2020

Deadline to submit: 21th December, 2020

Results Declaration: 23th December, 2020

Note: Participants have to upload their videos in the google form given below



  • Make a video through camera (Make sure your Gesture and voice are clear) or Audio.

  • Video/Audio recording should not be less than 1 minute and more than 10 minutes.

  • Drop your videos/audios in the mentioned section of the google form.



  • Certificate of Participation to all successfully registered candidates.

  • Certificate of Excellence will be given to winner and Certificate of merit will be given to 2nd and 3rd Position holders.

  • Publication opportunity (Discounted) for all the participants.

  • Free blog publication to top 3 students.

  • Campus Ambassadorship at Legis Scriptor for all the participants.


Registration Link- https://forms.gle/isgekFhMcYUTnErk9

Link to upload Audio/Video- https://forms.gle/7CQYGr8hUQdaxGpF7

For Any Query-

Write to us at- info.legisscriptor@gmail.com

Or whatsapp at 8851264387