Legis Scriptor is a transpiring team of ardent & fervent people across all the strata of the legal field, promoting academic excellence & ameliorating realms of knowledge to contribute in building skillful society. We endeavor to provide quality contemporary legal content concerning from tangled minute issues to issues of international concerns. We provide a platform to students across the length & breadth of the country to enhance their research & writing skills, which is the uttermost requirement of the today's fast-evolving & zestful legal field.


Every legal notice you serve, every reply you send, every petition you file in the court, every legal document relevant to a case, builds up your case. Every word you write and exchange with the opposite party eventually decides whether you will win or lose the case. Even before your counsel or you stand before the judge and open your mouth.

In furtherance to the aim of revolutionizing the legal educational sector and Enthused by the success of 1st National Legal Document Drafting Competition, Legis Scriptor is pleased to introduce its 2nd National Legal Document Drafting Competition for the budding law students all over India.




LANGUAGE: English.


LEGAL DOCUMENTS: Participants are requested to draft a legal notice on the problem which will be served by the Legis Scriptor.



  • The students currently enrolled in either five years or three years LL.B. courses or LL.M. programs from any recognized University/ Law College/ College/ Institution are eligible for participation in the competition.

  • There is no restriction on the number of entries from any college or university.


  • Each team shall consist of one individual or two individuals that qualify the eligibility criteria.

  • Multiple teams are allowed from University/ Law School/ College.

  • Cross-institutional teams are allowed.


  • There shall be a nominal registration fee of Rs. 299/-.

  • Registration Link is given below- 


  • The registration fee shall be non-refundable and non-transferable in any circumstance.

  • The last date for registration is 08:00PM IST, 13th October, 2021.

  • Only 30 teams will be allowed to register in the competition on first-come- first serve basis.

Note: No approval from the respective institute of the participants is required for participation.


Last date of Registration: 08:00PM IST, 13th October, 2021

Date of Problem Released: 14th October, 2021

Last date for Document Submission: 17th October, 2021

Date of Result Announcement: 20th October, 2021

Payment Method:

   Paytm UPI ID- 8851267359@paytm

   Phone Pe UPI ID- 8851267359@ybl

   Google Pay- 8851267359

   Paytm- 8851267359


Or you can do bank transfer,

Bank Details:

Account Holder’s Name: Pathoj Tripathi

Account Number: 5010092115121

Bank Name: HDFC Bank

IFSC Code: HDFC0002092

After the payment all participants are required to upload screenshots of the same on Google form given below while registration.



Winner - Prize money of Rs. 1500/- + Certificate of Excellence + Free Publication Opportunity + Rs. 1500/- Voucher of Certificate Course of Memo Pundits.

Runner up- Prize money of Rs. 1000/- + Certificate of Excellence + Free Publication Opportunity + Rs. 1000/- Voucher (Certificate Course of Memo Pundits).

3rd Position - 10th Position- Certificate of Merit + 50% discount in publication opportunity + Rs. 200/- Voucher (Certificate Course of Memo Pundits).

All the participants who will register for this event, will receive “CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION” + 25% discount in Publication Opportunity.


  • All the participants will get publication opportunity.

  • Fundamentals of good legal writing.

  • Certificate.

  • Learn how to draft notices.

  • Invaluable knowledge.


Submission of Documents:

1.Every participant or team registered for the competition would be required to prepare Legal Notice on the problem which will be served by legis scriptor.

2.All documents must be submitted through Google Form till 11:59 P.M., till 17th October, 2021 and the link of the google form for submission will be shared on 14th October, 2021.

3.Any submission made after the specified deadline shall attract a penalty of deduction of 0.50 marks per hour from the aggregate marks.

4.No submission made after 24 hours of the deadline shall be accepted at any cost.


All the participants will receive a sample format of legal notice for their reference.

The respective problem for legal notice will be provided to participants on 14th October, 2021.


1.All the legal documents must be submitted in Microsoft Word Document format (.doc/.docx) or PDF Format (.pdf).

2.The legal document shall be typed on an A4 size page in Font type: Times New Roman, Font size: 12, 1.5-line spacing & 1-inch margin on each side.

3.Footnoting is prohibited.

For Brochure, Click on the link given below-


Contact us for any query:

E-mail: info.legisscriptor@gmail.com

WhatsApp number: 8851264387 (WHATSAPP ONLY)

Note: If in case of any query, participant can drop a message on WhatsApp on the number given above and they will receive a call from concerned authority in 24 hours to resolve their query.