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Prof. (Dr.) Anurag Tewari

Prof. (Dr.) Anurag Tewari has 4 year of academics, 6 years of Research & 20 years of Industrial experience. He has successfully led International organisation like International Finance Corporation, world bank & other like-minded organizations. He had published more than 10 research papers in national & international peer-reviewed journals and 1 book.

Presently he is working as Dean Agriculture, Chitkara University, Punjab where he has been member of Academic Council & looking after an undergraduate course. He has more than 20 international collaborations to his credit during his career till now.


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Dr. Vikalp Srivastava Completed his graduation in Law from the University of Delhi and Masters (LL.M) and Ph.D. in Corporate Law from Jamia Millia Islamia. He is a CBSE- NET Qualified (2014). He authored and published several national and international articles in reputed journals. He also Presented research papers on several topics in various national and international seminars and conferences. He has more than 5 years of experience in academics and 3 years of professional experience. His area of Specialization is Commercial Law and Corporate Law.

Adv.Arif Iqbal

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Advocate Arif Iqbal perused Bachelor of Commerce from Jain University, Bangalore in 2012 & did his law from Faculty of Law, Delhi University in the year 2018. He has been previously associated with Adyopant Legal, Delhi, dealing primarily in arbitration matters. He has also worked in the office of Advocate on Record, Joby Varghese, Delhi, dealing primarily in banking telecom disputes & white-collar crimes. He has been practicing independently since January 2020 & regularly appears before the Supreme Court.