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Analysis of Repealing and Amendment Bill, 2019

Authored by Mansi Soni


The central authorities delivered a new invoice known as the Repealing and Amending invoice 2019 (bill for short) in Lok Sabha on 25/ 07 /2019. The stated invoice used to be surpassed via Lok Sabha on 29 /07 / 2019.

The repealing and amended in 2019. Change is inevitable. Law is no longer an exception to this. The authorities enacted; a range of acts that are situated to adjustments, and improvement occurred. In India, so many Acts are old-fashioned and no longer in use. Such enactments are to be repealed. The consignment is one of the periodical measures with the aid of which enactments which have ceased to be in pressure or have ended up obsolete or retention of whom as separate Act is needless is repealed or through which the formal defect detected in enactments are enacted.


The Bill has been passed to ensure minimum legislation and maximum governance. A periodic review of old laws is a part of governance. Since 2014, the government has repealed 1428 obsolete central laws. When the need for something gets down, the thing also remains for us of no use same the govt. Has repealed such laws that were not in demand now and brought some amendments due to change in society.

Amendment of sure enactments

Class three of the consignment proposed to amend the Income Tax Act 1961 and the Indian Institute of Management act 2017 to some extent. The modification recommend to the Income Tax Act 1961 is to rectify the patent errors. The transformation endorses to the Indian Institute of Management act 2017 is to remedy the mistakes that had inadvertently crept in the stated show.

Amendment to Income Tax Act, 1961 Section 54GA of the Income Tax Act 1961 affords for exemption of good capital points on a switch of property in instances of transferring of industrial mission from city location to any one-of-a-kind economic zone. Section 5GA(1) affords that however whatever contained in part 54G the place the capital achieve arises from the switch of a Capital Asset being equipment or plant or constructing or land; or any proper in building or land; used for the functions of the commercial enterprise of an industrial venture situate in city area, effected in the direction of or in final result of the transferring of such industrial project to any one-of-a-kind financial quarter climate developed in any city location or any different region and the assesses has inside a duration of one yr earlier than or three years after the date on which the transferred took place-Purchased equipment or plant for the reason of enterprise of the industrial task in the Special Economic Zone to which the stated venture is shifted, Acquired constructing or expand or built creating for the functions of his enterprise in the distinctive Economic Zone, Shifted the unique asset and transferred the institution of such venture to the exceptional Economic Zone , and ;Incurred fees on such different functions as can also be exact in a disgrace framed by way of the Central Govt. For the parts of this section.

Then alternatively of the capital obtain being charged to profits tax as profits of the preceding 12 months in which the switch took vicinity it shall problem to the supplying of sub part two the dealt with in accordance with the following provisions of this part that is to say-If the quantity of the capital attain is higher than the value and charges incurred in relation to all or any of the functions stated in clause (a) and (b) (such fee prices being hereafter in this part referred to as the new asset), the distinction between the quantity of the capital acquire and the fee of the original investment shall be charged underneath area forty five as the earnings of the preceding yr and the cause of computing in admire of the new investment any capital reap bobbing up from its switch inside a duration of three years of its being purchased, obtained , built or transferred as the case can also be the value shall be Nil or If amount of the capital attain is equal to, or much less than, the value of the new asset, the capital reap shall no longer be charged beneath part 45, and for the motive of computing in recognize of the original investment any money obtain springing up from its switch inside a length of three years of its being purchased, acquired, developed or transferred, as the case may, be the fee shall be decreased via the quantity of the capital gain.

Amendment of Indian Institute of Management Act 2017The consignment proposes to convey amendments to sec. Three and sec. 36 of the Indian Institute of Management Act, 2017.Sec. 3(f) of the stated Act defines the period Director as the Director of the Institute appointment underneath sec. 16(2). The consignment proposes to replacement for the phrases Director suggests the phrases Director means. & nbsp; Sec.36 of the stated Act offers that shop as furnished in this sec. The ordinance shall be made employing the Academic Council. The consignment proposes to alternative for the phrase Ordinance the phrase Ordinances.


The Repealing and Amending Bill, 2019 used to be brought in Lok Sabha on July 25, 2019, through the Minister of Law and Justice, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. The Bill seeks to repeal sixty-eight Acts in total and makes minor amendments to two different laws.

Repealing sure legal guidelines as a whole: The Bill repeals sixty-eight legal guidelines that have been listed in the First Schedule of the Bill. These include: (i) the Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1976, and (ii) the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2001

Amendment of favorable laws: The Bill makes minor amendments to two Acts that relate to the substitution of sure words. The two Acts are: (i) the Income Tax Act, 1961, and (ii) the India Institutes of Management Act, 2017.