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Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Authored By : Amrutha Valli

Keywords: Pan India extension, child sexual exploitation, Gender inequality, sukanya samriddhi yojana, beti bachao moment, self-defence training centers.


Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is a government social scheme initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address gender inequality and girl child abuse in Indian society. The Prime Minister introduced this scheme on Thursday 22 January 2015 at Panipat, Haryana. This scheme is intended to make people aware of the value girls have in society. It is about raising consciousness among ordinary people to save girl child's lives by eliminating the female foeticide altogether. People should celebrate their girl's birth and educate them with full responsibility, just as they do for their boy.

On 22 January 2015, the Prime Minister unveiled Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) as a Comprehensive scheme promoting the empowerment of the girl child, with Pan-India extension in to all 640 Districts in March 2018 (Census 2011). Anchored by the women's and children ministry Design (MWCD), is a tri-ministerial initiative with

(a) Health & Family Welfare Ministries And (MoHFW)

(b) Ensure girl child survival and security

(c) Provide awareness and encourage girls to participate

The Scheme has a two-pronged approach that includes:

(A) News, Propaganda and Outreach

(B) Multifaceted Action


Sukanya Sam Riddhi Yojana has been launched to help and make this scheme work Successful fulfilment of girl child's basic expenses such as schooling, higher education And wedlock. This scheme represents a successful start for the girl's life as it requires some effective Efforts by the Indian Government. It is a best scheme ever because it reduces the anxiety of both parents and future born girls will save their lives through this little one Annual Contributions.

· Establishment of the ministry of human resources and the ministry of Pursued systematic steps to ensure health and family life

· Survival and girls' education welfare. That includes the

· Multi-sectoral, cohesive BBBP management efforts

· Collectors / Director of all district offices

A National Executive Committee has been established by the Govt of India to promote Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) across the country. Since January 2015 the committee has been coordinating many programs to support "Save Girl Child" and "Educate Girl Child."

ü Dr Rajendra Phadke is the BBBP Abhiyan National Convenor.

ü The Indian Medical Association also supports the Beti Bachao movement


The analysis is theoretical at its purest. The analysis builds on the secondary sources of data. The required information about the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme Brief Information and its various components is gathered from books, journals, internet source or related subject.

The following are the goals of this scheme

• To avoid the systematic exclusion of sex discrimination against gender.

• Ensuring girl child survival & safety.

• To ensure that girls are prepared.

• Women and the Baby

Child Sexual Abuse Program:

The District of South Delhi conducted this knowledge raising initiative in conjunction with the Department of Education and Government School students on the issues of child sexual exploitation, menstrual hygiene and gender inequality.

Attributes that lead to growth

One of the program's strengths was its integrated approach involving the School Board, together with the Department of Education. Therefore, selecting topics along with the way they were presented (distribution of advertising content, discussion between students and speakers) to create a healthy and respectful atmosphere that would encourage students to express their thoughts and opinions on selected topics.

Ø Advantages and Effects

Aside from sensitizing a total of 44,539 students (both girls and boys), the program's biggest effect was that it provided the young people with a forum not just to lift their voices against child sexual exploitation, but also to share their personal stories of becoming victims.

Ø Issues and prospects for the future

The creation of this program has led to the realization that there was an urgent need to educate girls and boys on these kinds of topics, which due to their delicate nature are not addressed in the public domain.

Skill in self-defence:

Instances of abuse of girls and women are widespread in our culture, many of which ultimately go unreported leading to horrific crimes against girls and women. There is a growing need for girls to handle these difficult situations so they can save themselves from any deleterious outcome. Threats and opportunities for the future

Advising girls on job:

The reasoning behind the launch of this initiative was to provide the Girl Child with knowledge and advice on various career options and opportunities available to her. Career counselling camps are being conducted for this purpose as well as training programs and girls class awareness camps from 9 to 12. With the aid of Anganwadi Staff and Supervisors, job counselling camps are coordinated.

Factors help bring success

The career counselling camp was successful with the assistance of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao 's District Task Force (DFT) (BBBP), which constantly guides and provides the required resources. The Department of Education's strong presence has ensured that there are effective therapy camps in government schools.

Come up with strategies and opportunities for the future:

The key challenges of organizing career counselling camps are the lack of computer, projector and internet resources needed to make counselling camps more interesting, productive and enriching for the students. Both services have also been very effective in identifying and making educated career choices for the Girl graduates.


. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) aims at

(a) Avoiding the systemic exclusion of gender-dependent species,

(b) Ensuring survival and health, and

(c) Fostering Girl Child education and participation. The scheme is a convergent initiative of three ministries, namely, Women & Child Development (MWCD), Health & Family Welfare and Human Resource Development, with the MWCD at the helm, as BBBP's targets have been cut across sectors such as health, education and training, Protection and child growth. Taking into account BBBP's priorities and objectives, this booklet has grouped these Innovative Activities into five themes/sections – girls' survival, security, education, participation and valuation.