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Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today

Authored by Devanshi Goyal

Keywords: global warming, fossil fuel, warmer earth


The diabolical problem of climate change is not only causing threat to environment but also to human life. In nineteenth century, few scientist have managed to work out on the causes of emission of gases from the fossil fuel, which is warming the planet. These early scientist thought that warmer earth would be a good thing, but with each passing decade, fossil fuel was embraced with in the daily life, from transportation to construction to manufacturing to food. The magnificent results from the usage of these fossil fuels enhanced the wealth, mobility, consumption and technology. Today human civilization runs by the usage of these fossil fuels. As an individual, community, corporation and a nation, we are deeply tied up to the most convenient, profitable and power full stuff.


Earth, for about 4.5 billion years have witnessed many changes, including the changes caused in the climate. It has been a sole witness to the attributions done by human kind to its environment and the results which are now showing effects. The rapid warming we are seeing toady can't be described as a process of natural cycle of warming and cooling. These kind of changes which normally would take hundred of thousands of years are now happening within decades. Global temperature is now at its highest since the records have been began.

This rapid warming dovetails with the increase in level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which was increasing the beginning of industrial revolution. Today's climate is the earth's average temperature which is the result of human activity, such as burning coal,oil, and gases for the production of energy to fuel our homes, cutting down trees for the production of food.

The worlds leading scientist have already told that we only have 12 years left to limit the global warming to a maximum of 1.5 C which might avoid the climate breakdown.

Causes for climate change

The green house gases causing the climate change have deferred effects, like a disease with a long incubation period. This only implies that we are not in position to account how much irreversible damage has already been done but one thing is for sure that if no actions are taken now the effects would be more disastrous.

The rich and developed nations invest more in the damages caused to the environment as they are the one who burns more fossil fuel emitting CO2, because of this the poor are going to suffer worse and most.

People are already dying because from climate change though it is not apparent now because of the steady and fierce increase in the frequency of natural disasters that we are used to.

Substantially, global warming is an increase in the energy level in weather system , this energy not only makes the temperature increase but takes it to next level creating more violent weather. Global warming and climate change can be termed as a climate destabilization which comes with a threat of total disruption of the climate upon which every one of us depends upon.

Universe is a vast cold empty space which is hostile for life. Life is only be able to exist on earth due to the thin protective covering of atmosphere, which consists of right amount of heat trapping gases, so that there would be no frigid lumps or making it intolerably hot. But now thanks to the industrial revolution and massive disposal of certain gases into atmosphere, this is unpleasant for the precious and precarious equilibrium. At the same time we have been cutting down tress at an unprecedented rate which itself made of carbon and their burning releases carbon back into atmosphere as CO2 increasing its already increased level.

Effects of climate change

The effects of this climate changes are disastrous, effecting on global food supplies, increase in migration, conflict, diseases and global instability in the economy which only will get worse if no proper actions are taken. It only intimidates the future of our planet and we as a last generation that can do something about it, to save our sole key of survival.

Climate change not only threatens the lives of people but destroys it, natural disasters, environment degradation and severe weather patterns spoils the harvests, depleting the fisheries, eroding livelihoods and spurring infectious diseases, some effects swiftly destroys the entire communities like unprecedented force of typhoons, while some unfolds with over time. Endless cycle of drought for instance destroys the cross and leaving people in misery. Migration and rapid urbanisation is another items which are included as a result of climate change. A critical competition is triggered in the backdrop of persistent poverty, insecurities in economy for the scarce natural resources which fuels social tensions.

Steps taken to mitigate such threat

In 1999, the UN trust fund for human security was established and funded number of programs which correlates to the climate changes and measures to eradicate such problem. The programs have established a strength capacity of communities build to cope and recover from climate related threats, while at the same time reducing food, health and economic insecurities.

Human security had addressed that comprehensive integrated strategies will be required in order to deal with the changing climatic conditions. In 2015, 195 parties to the UN framework convention on climate change have ratified the historic Paris agreement to curb the rising in temperature and strengthen the capacities managing the climate risks.


The climate globally is projected to continue to change over this century and beyond. The magnitude of its change in the next few decades is primarily dependent on the amount of heat trapping gases which are being emitted on global scale. And how sensitively the earth would be able to handle those emissions, because the rise in temperature has not been and will not be uniform or smooth across the world in time.