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Expulsion of Students from the United States of America

Authored by - Hemant Kumar

Keywords - Trump, Visa, Students ,University


This article deals with the problems suffered by foreign students in the United States. The Donald Trump administration stated that students from China and students who are studying course online will be expelled from the United States of America. This has led to students being forced to take admission in the regular courses or to transfer to their native countries. Students and universities are protesting this move of the government. Universities are dependent on the foreign students funding to meet various costs.


Every country has its border control where one can decide who can enter and who can leave. In order to enter a different foreign country, a person has to show his visa and passport to enter a different country. The United States of America is one of the most advanced countries in the world. It offers a lot of opportunities for students around the world. A degree from the USA is a dream for many students as it provides stable jobs to students in big firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc with high pay.


Generally, foreign students first must need a visa to enter USA. The type of school and course to pursue will decide whether you need an F or M type visa[1].]

How to Apply?

You have to visit the US embassy or consulate to apply for the student visa according to their terms and conditions.

English Language Requirements:

One has to clear the language proficiency test to get a visa in the US. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most famous test and one requires 6.5 and above in the test to obtain the visa.

Expulsion from the United States of America:

When one is forced to leave their organization and are not allowed to continue further, the person is said to be expelled. Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, every student and worker was forced to do work from home. This led to the closing of various institutes worldwide. Schools and colleges are operating online during this corona crisis.

Online Class Courses:

Trump administration stated that foreign students will be expelled if their classes are taught entirely online. This was done to force the institutes to start physical in person classes. The students are given a choice either to shift a school that teaches in person or to leaves the country. It has been stated that the students must go home and they can come back when the school will be open. This has created a state of havoc among the students. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to get admissions in these universities; these guidelines have destroyed their years of preparation and their dream to study in their respective dream universities.

Chinese Students:

We all know that the US and China have come face to face on different issues where China retaliated the taxes imposed by the US on Chinese products that eventually led to a trade war. Huawei and its partner companies were banned to work in the US. This led to a loss to the Chinese company Huawei which was among the most advance in 5G development. The Trump administration put across the restrictions to the students of China who have a direct link with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). They are accused of sharing personal information and data leak to military schools.

Universities Stand on the Expulsion:

As the students protested against the expulsion rule of the US, some are midway of their classes and research while some were yet to start their classes. Universities are dependent on foreign students funding as they are allowed to recover full tuition payments to help cover costs. Universities are unhappy with the decision and they want to push the government to take back the decision of expulsion.


· Students can transfer from an online course to an in-person school where physical classes are taking place.

· Explore other learning options – being expelled does not mean an end to a student's career. One can start a new thing at any period.

· Come back home and start learning in local college, which can be easy and one can help his nation to grow in a tough time.

· Foreign students pay a huge amount of fees. With the same amount of money they can also start their own business in their own countries.

· Peaceful protest along with universities can also help them to represent their problems to the government.


Every person has suffered a setback form the corona crisis but that does not end one’s career or stops the lifeline. There will be many more opportunities in the coming period. Work from home has changed the global scenario for everyone. Many universities in America are offering online courses where one does not need to be physically present and can pursue his studies from far away countries. This can also save the foreign country expenses and will allow learning from a prestigious university by staying home.