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Impact of Social Media on the life of Youth

Authored By- Ekta Choudhary

Keywords- Social Media, Youth, Teens, Social Development, Community, Communication


Youth are today’s most profuse users of social media. Modern youth are growing up in a cultural setting, during which many aspects of their lives are going to be moderated by social media and lots of their experiences and opportunities are going to be shaped by their engagement with Social Media. Subsequently, questions and controversies emerge regarding the consequences social media have on a youth's (teens, adolescents) development, how embedded their lives are in social media.


From passing notes, meeting at the food hubs, and calling our friends through a landline. These things don't exist, now cell phones, apps, and social networking sites control a teenager's day and life. Teens today don't know what a landline telephone is, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have taken the place of meeting up with friends at a food hub and text messaging has replaced passing of notes during a class.

Over the past 20 years, social media has gained a lot of growth and fame worldwide, to an extent that a lot of researchers are now curious about learning more about these social platforms and their outcomes on the community. Despite the very fact that nearly everyone within the community is connected to a minimum of one social media platform, the youth and teenagers are the prominent and most fanatic of those social platforms, to the purpose, that they even social network while they are in educational institutions, governmental offices, organizations and lots of more places. It's in the present light that researchers have found that these social sites impact the lives of our youth in our society in an excellent deal in terms of morals, behavior, and even education-wise.


The roots of social media stretch far deeper than we would possibly imagine. The initial mode of communication was done by writing letters and sending them.

In 550 BC, communication was done by the Postal Service. In 1792, when the Telegraph has invented the communication was done with that. For letters, delivered quickly, to the Pneumatic post was developed in 1865. Two important discoveries happened within the last decade of the 1800s: the telephone in 1890 and therefore the radio in 1891. Both technologies are still in use today, although the fashionable versions are far more refined than their forerunners. Telephone lines and radio signals enabled people to speak across enormous distances instantaneously, something that mankind had never endured before.

Definition of Social Media

Social media is that interactive computer-mediated technology that facilitates the composition or sharing of awareness, knowledge, ideas, career curiosities, and other sorts of articulation via virtual communities and networks. The variability of stand-alone and built-in social media services is currently accessible, but, it introduces challenges of description.

Impact of Social Media on the Youth

There is an immense impact of Social Media on the life of the Youth. In today’s world, all nations are experiencing this thing that social media is developing day by day. This is often very vogue among the young generation especially. Even if we check out the statistics, we'll encounter an equivalent story. Social media is consistent to recognize popularity a day. Impacts of Social Media on youth are moreover quite striking in numerous frames of our lives. Social media has become a significant part of life for abundant young generations in today’s world. Various children hold it up and try in confronting themselves with social media, without even caring to believe what would be the impact of Social Media on them. The fallouts can sometimes be positive and sometimes be negative but mostly they're negative if it's not integrated within a business or professional goal.

Positive impacts of Social Media on the life of Youth

● It keeps them connected to their friends, when they are unable to catch up with each other physically.

● Social media keeps you updated about the essential happenings that are going across the world currently or even in your locality.

● Social media helps in Faster Communication. It plays a substantial role in terms of uniting people.

● It's an exceptional benefit to understand everything just on a click.

●Social Media helps in Educational purposes and useful information in many ways like finding jobs, getting information regarding academic studies, etc.

● Social Media provides different courses, training, and programs. It helps in increasing our interpersonal skills.

● Social Media also is a great source of income which can be earned doing by opting to do work from home. It is also quite helpful for physically disabled people.

● For Marketing, Social Media is a blessing and also for organizations, businesses. They can easily promote their brands and products.

● Online shopping is also easily accessible via social media.

Negative impacts of Social Media on the life of Youth

● Many times, it lacks privacy.

● The most negative impact is Cyberbullying. People send intimidating messages; misuse other people’s personal information, etc.

● By spending too much time on social media, problems like Anxiety, depression by lack of sleep can occur.

● People get too many unrealistic expectations.


Teenagers are being affected by their Social media use, in both negative and positive ways. Modern youth are growing up during a cultural setting during which many aspects of their lives are moderated by social media and lots of their experiences and opportunities are altered by their engagement with the social platform. A review on social media impacts has proved that social networking isn't a negative thing, but actually, social media use has many positive aspects for our Youths that are growing up during this media-saturated world.

The benefits of Social Media are equally comparable, intensifying the importance of it.


Social media can have both a useful and unfavorable impact on the youth of the current generation. It can help youth prospect in innumerable other ways. Also, it can keep them down in various ways. Usage of social networking is among the foremost widespread activities of today’s Youth(Teen, adolescent). Social media sites offer today’s youth a forum for entertainment and communication, and these have evolved in a great way.

The consequences of social media on us are up to us to decide!